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How to Manually Remove Fleas From Kittens

Fleas are not just a nuisance; they cause skin irritation and make your kitten sick with illnesses such as anemia. Removing the fleas properly will protect kittens and help them heal. While you can use chemical flea-killers, these products contain insecticides that may be harmful to young animals. I

Buy a Dog Crate to Potty Train Your Dog

Buy a Dog Crate to Potty Train Your Dog Dog lovers, who recently got a puppy love, should think about buying a dog crate because it can be so useful for potty training. To make their puppies more comf

Psittacosis in Pet Birds and People

Information about avian chlamydiosis (psittacosis, or parrot fever), a disease of parrots that can be extremely serious and can also be transmitted to humans.

A Well Trained Dog Deserves A Reward

Rewards can be praise, treats, play, or anything that the dog finds rewarding. Reward or praise your dog for a good performance. It has been shown in animal behavioral science and among most trainers

Pet Hotels in Sacramento, California

Sacramento pet hotelsdog image by Michal Tudek from Fotolia.comPet owners typically are concerned about finding an appropriate place to board their pet during their absence. If you live in the Sacramento area, a number of boarding options exist that will keep your beloved pet happy and...

The Dog Who Cried, "RUFF!"

Every dog owner knows their dog will bark from time to time. Most people actually want their dog to bark if someone arrives at the door, or something unusual is going on. Dogs are great ...

Basic Dog Obedience Training Command.

I cannot stress more the significance of obedience training for your dog. Besides it is very big factor to the well being of your dog and your own pleasure in owning a dog. Dog owners ...

How to Build a Crawfish Cage

Trap crawfish that are living in rivers and lakes using a crawfish cage. A crawfish cage is a cylindrical shaped cage that has two open ends for allowing crawfish to enter. The open ends are cone-shaped and only allow crawfish to enter the cage and not leave. Build a simple crawfish cage using wire

Steps to Take in Finding a Lost Dog

Losing your beloved dog can be traumatizing for children, but teenagers and adults may also be emotionally affected by a missing pet. Dogs often get loose by dashing out an open door or by breaking a worn leash or collar. Prepare yourself and your dog for this possible situation by attaching an upda

Know About Cichlid Care

When it comes to cichlid care, there is a lot you need to know before you even consider starting your own cichlid aquarium. There are many different species of cichlids and they can grow to quite a substantial size.

Dog Coat Health

A summary of the factors that contribute to a dog's healthy skin and coat and explanation of some of the most commonly experienced issues.

Do You Want to Adopt a Potbellied Pig?

Thinking about getting a pig for a pet? Do you want to adopt potbellied pig? There are pigs that need homes, just the same as other pets that have been abandoned. Domesticated potbellied pigs: means that they can be trained to do nearly the same things as dogs and cats can be trained to do, and they

Finding The Perfect Puppy For Your Family

Did the Savvy Family find the perfect dog? The answer is… I don’t know. Maybe, but probably not. While there are many things to look for when selecting a puppy the ability to wink, in my experience, is nowhere near the top of that list. Imagine a year from now, coming home from a long d

No More Carpet Stains!

The Cat and Dog Bathroom also consist of a synthetic grass which is too identical to a real grass. Now you don’t have to take them out in every little while. There is a grate that is separated from the grass. There is a passage that is intelligently designed for water to seep through it so as

Why You Should Get A Havanese Dog

It is nice to have a pet with you. Having a pet will be therapeutic in many ways. You can use your pet to be a recipient of your love and care. You can give ...

The BoxerA Courageous Clown?

The Boxer has a very distinctive personality that makes them extremely good family pets. The same natural intelligence that made these multi-purpose dogs popular a century ago makes them excellent family pets today.