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Why is "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" So Popular?

The #1 New York Times Bestseller, Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a child favorite- my children included. The novel in cartoons by Jeff Kinney now has three additional books and a Do It Yourself Edition.

Macbeth and Shakespeare

Shakespeare wrote the tragedy Macbeth in 1623 loosely based on Holinshed's Chronicles. Raphael Holinshed belonged to a family from Cheshire. In 1560 he lived in London working as a translator for Reginald Wolfe. After Wolfe's death in 1573 Holinshed's work appeared with a lot of illus

The Generation of Exodus

The article bridges the gap between the three major sources of Israel's origin: the Merneptah Stele, the battle reliefs from the Amnon temple at Karnak, and the archeological findings in the central hill country of Israel. The fiction of Exodus acquires its real historic background.

Cries of Silence

When I wanted initially to start writing my book I got a lot of information to read. It was overwhelming. I did not know where to start. So I decided to take a leap of faith and started with the idea of writing my book. I got confused several times by the different advices that I got via the interne

Waiting for Martin

"They must've applied your makeup with a spackling chisel." Albert whispered, using a tissue to thin out the thick layer of makeup from his mother's lifeless face. "A cake decorator uses thinner layers than this." The substandard work performed by the mortuary's ma

Love Detected

You know when something is real because you don't have to question it. You don't doubt it, you go along with the flow easily and don't feel forced.

Our Lady of Weight Loss - All is Forgiven - Lifestyle Guide That Will Help You

There is a special book available in the market today entitled, Our Lady of Weight Loss: All is Forgiven, which is written by Janice Taylor, a weight-loss coach and motivational speaker. It narrates her journey and life long battle to losing weight and where she emerges victorious as she successfull

Fiction Book Review: A Week In Winter By Maeve Binchy

It all begins in Stoneybridge, a village in the west coast of Ireland. A beautiful story is told of a young lady, warm and talented, Chicky Ryan. She fell head over hills in love with an American, Walter Starr, who convinces her to leave her home town, Stoneybridge, and move with him to New York, wi

Hitting the Mark - The Sharpshooter, 1862-1864

A reader's review of 'The Sharpshooter, 1862-1864, Charles Phillips' Civil War novel. In well-crafted, natural prose, Phillips conveys the sense of America in the Civil War through the eyes of Jake Baker, a Union sharpshooter. An excellent piece of historical fiction that gets it righ

Law of Success EBook by Napoleon Hill: Now Available in PDF Format for Download

Napoleon Hill is known to have written quality books, but the best of all his works is The Law of Success which he published in 1928. The book since its publication has become widely accepted across different countries that the demand has always being on the increase since it was published. He produ

WordPress Foundations - Book Review

I just finished reading "WordPress Foundations- 2.7 Edition" by Jason Annas.I recently took the leap into blogging full time and I spend many days reading and learning as much as I can about this dynamic media. I have read many other books about WordPress, but this is my all time favorite.

Self Help Books and the American Frontier

American individualism and its archetypes, from cowboys to astronauts, transmit the cultural myth of the self-creating human being. Self help books are usually designed as signposts to this brave frontier.

Thomas the Train: The Nicest Train Ever

Thomas the Train and all of his friends have brought magic into children's lives for generations, and continue to do so tale after tale.Learn more about the famous train's history in this article.

You're the Absent Father I Need

Dad I often wonder why and how? You can be my father and not acknowledge me as your child. How do you do it?