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What is Social Media and Why Should I Care?

Social media is a fast growing sector of internet traffic, and is becoming one of the leading ways that internet users spend time online. Smart marketers are promoting brands in low cost high yield ways through means such as social networks. Social media allows your company to engage in a conversati

Social Networking - Your Guide to Success

Social networking has catapulted into a different arena of socializing. Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other sites just like these have allowed users to meet those within their peer groups that share the same interests. Many entrepreneurs and small business owners have capitalized on the

Are You Afraid of Tomatoes?

Do you want to market yourself as a CranioSacral Therapist but are unsure where to begin in the social media age? Read on to find out how to overcome your fear of tomatoes.

Your Online Reputation Matters - Watch Your Social Site Friends

Social sites and social networks are the latest online frenzy. Potential employers, schools, bosses and even law enforcement agencies are looking at MySpace pages, Facebook Pages and other social networking sites.Your online reputation does matter.

Why Twitter Matters To Your Online Business

By now Twitter is a household word. Even those with very little understanding of how the web operates are able to start and build their own Twitter feeds comprised of followers and persons to be followed. Twitter is one of the most useful tools that there is for communication of any kind, forcing ea

Top 5 Social Networks To Consider for Your Business

Most industries get the gist when it comes to their social media marketing strategy and the incorporation of the head honchos Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. These aren't the only social networks to think about though.

Tips To Make Your Facebook Fan Page Interesting

Facebook is today used as a platform of social media marketing and is proving to be a profitable investment for many business enterprises across the globe. You too can take advantage of the amount of traffic to the web portal every day by creating a Facebook fan page.

How to Invite Contacts to Become Facebook Fans

Facebook Fan Pages are a great way for your business to promote special offers and events and to engage with your target audience. You have the business contacts, but how do you invite those contacts to join you on Facebook? Seems like a rather straight forward process but if you visit the Facebook

Social Media Marketing - 7 Top Ways To Get Results

Any business, no matter its size, can produce materials that are worth linking to and placing on sites like YouTube, Digg or others that offers a good match for the material at hand. Coming up with ways to increase social media marketing potential can provide a way to diversify and lessen reliance o

People Are Making Money With Twitter

Social media sites have become one of the most popular entities on the Internet in the past few years, and new ones keep sprouting up everyday because of it. One of the big reasons why new social media sites are emerging is because they can be very profitable for the owners of the sites.

4 Things You Shouldn't Be Doing on Facebook

The other day I found an inbox full of messages from Facebook telling me that some enthusiastic internet marketers had added me to their groups and as a result, my inbox was full of spam before I'd even had a chance to check out what the group was about. Actually, they were groups I maybe would

How to Use LinkedIn for Marketing

LinkedIn can be a great way to promote your business. Here are a few reasons why: A network with 65 million business professionals around the world. One person creates a LinkedIn login every second.

How to Use Social Media to Make Money Online

Okay, so here's the plan. You want to learn how to use social media to make money online, right? First off, maybe we should take a minute and discuss just exactly what social media is. Then we'll take a look at how you can make money Online using social media.

Social Networking Websites In Niche Markets

Have you ever thought about joining an online social networking community?If you love meeting new people, there is a good chance that you have given it some thought.Despite wanting to join, there are many individuals who make the decision not to. Are you one of those individuals?If so, is it because

Sifting Through Social Sites

Eons ago, when the dinosaurs still ruled the earth, there was MySpace. It was mostly frequented by a specific collective of humans, most under the age of 25. Fast forward a few lifetimes later and you have Linked In and facebook dominating a world of social sites.

Using Social Media Sites Like Twitter For Your Business

Internet marketing is becoming more socially related and far less mundane. This is very positive as Internet users are more aware and perceptive to new products and are likely to research brands, industries and reputations. There are several small business owners that are very interested in social m

List of Social Networking Sites Online

Looking for a list of social networking sites? Is bigger better or do smaller, interest oriented social networking sites offer a more meaningful and safer environment.

Influencing Consumer Behavior by Defining Influencer

The term influencer has now become a phenomenon in the social media world. What was once considered a simple world that meant a person who has an affect other people's thinking or actions is now a key to success.