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Etiquette for the Tango Argentino

Argentine dancers take their tango dances seriously, although they do want to have a good time. Dancers at a Tango Argentino must follow specific rules of etiquette. A public Argentine tango dance party is called a tango milonga.

Relationship Between Culture & Identity

The relationship between culture and identity is connected to the theories regarding nature versus nurture. Although a person's genetics might have some influence on the person he eventually becomes, the environment he is raised in also plays a large part in the formation of that identity. The cultu

An In-Depth Discussion About Mayan Calendar Report

Astrologers apart, common people are also very much curious to know Mayan astrology signs and Mayan calendar report in details. The article gives you an insight into the broader picture of this ancient astrology system ...

What Is Bohemian Clothing?

Many designers and fashion magazines tout the appeal of bohemian clothing. It may not be right for the investment banker in the boardroom, but it's perfect for an afternoon music festival in a field or a stroll through a farmer's market. Bohemian clothing is feminine and funky, loose and relaxed, ca

The History of Cherokee Indian Beads

Cherokee Indians are known for designing jewelry, clothing and handicrafts with beautiful and intricate beadwork patterns. The tradition of making items from beads has deep historical roots in the Cherokee community; it dates back earlier than the 17th century. Cherokee people stopped beading for a

The History of Tattoos & Piercings in Tribes

The practice of tattooing and piercing is widespread in tribes throughout the world. Practices, beliefs and materials differ among tribes and regions. As Europeans began exploring the world, they learned about different tattooing and piercing practices. The history of tribal piercing and tattooing h

Principles of Ancient Greek & Roman Philosophy

Ancient Greek and Roman philosophy is a vast topic that encompasses 1,200 years of thought, from the pre-Socratic philosophers of the 6th century B.C. to the neo-Platonists of the 6th century A.D. Several schools of thought emerged during this time, including cynicism, stoicism and epicureanism. In

A Brief History of Thanksgiving

For those of us not familiar with Thanksgiving, it is a festival celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November in the USA, and the second Monday in October in Canada. The origins of the celebration ...

About The Middle East

The Middle East is a region full of rich and varied culture and history. It is the birthplace of three of the world's major religions, and it is the geographical area where civilization itself began. The Middle East is full of conflicts between countries, between religions and between tradition and

Tools of the Mojave Tribe

The Mojave people are a Native American tribe indigenous to the Colorado River area of the Mojave Desert in the American Southwest. Today the Mojave people live on the Colorado River Indian Reservation in California and Arizona. They share the reservation with the Hopi, Navajo and Chemehuevi people.

How to Build a Cardboard Dance Mat

Cardboard dance mats are used in the break dance tradition. Breakdance originated on the streets where artists would use old cardboard boxes when dancing. Breakdance involves moves where the dancer is spinning or dancing on the ground, which would be difficult on the uneven surface of the streets. T

What Is the Meaning of an Evil Eye Bracelet?

"The evil eye" is a belief that can be found in many cultures in which certain individuals have the power to cause harm or bad luck to others through their gaze. There are many different folk remedies to protect against this harmful glare, one of the most common being the donning of a bracelet desig

The Salary of a Dance Studio Owner

Owning a dance studio may be an exciting business venture; however, a dance studio owner must coordinate her responsibilities to the business side of owning the business, in addition to managing the activities being offered to aspiring dance students. A dance studio owner is responsible for hiring a

What Is Western Philosophy?

Western philosophy is the philosophy of European countries and those countries that were populated or heavily colonized by Europeans. Australian and North American philosophers, for example, would fall under the banner of western philosophers. There is also the Eastern philosophical tradition, which

Traditions of the Lenape Indians

The Lenape, a name translating as "the people," were a nation of Native American Indians living in the areas between Delaware and the Hudson river during the arrival of Europeans. Lenape Indians have a rich and varied culture, with languages and beliefs shared amongst all three of their clans -- the

How Did Imperialism Help a Country's Status?

The age of European exploration lasted from roughly the 15th to the 17th centuries. The age of colonialism lasted from roughly the 15th to the 20th centuries, but peaked in the early 19th century. It was followed by the age of imperialism in the 19th century. The goals of imperialism were not prima

Street Life in New York

Street life, or homelessness, exists throughout the world. New York has a high population in general, which leads it to have a high population of homeless as well, making street life in the city complex and widespread.

How to: Didgeridoo Voicing

Many regard the didgeridoo as a classic Australian instrument whose playing is not easy. Indeed, much practice is required to produce a clear and attractive sound from the instrument. Beginners can play the didgeridoo fairly well, though, by mastering its basic technique. More seasoned players can i

Difference Between Nomadic & Sedentary

Nomadic and sedentary are both adjectives that describe a state of movement and commonly are used to describe past societies while explaining cultural characteristics arising from the type of lifestyle. The words are opposites with nomadic referring to a constant state of movement and a sedentary st

Great Letters Of Recommendation For Students - In 3 Steps

As a college professor, one of our frequent duties is to give letters of recommendations to deserving students. During the semester I always tell my students that I only give letter or recommendations to those ...