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Hunting & Fishing Around Beaumont, Texas

Hunting and fishing are two of Texas' most popular pastimes. In the small town of Beaumont, there are numerous opportunities for both, provided that you know the right spots, have the proper equipment, and follow all the laws and regulations.

About Saltwater Fishing Jigs

One of the most used fishing lures is the jig. Fishing with a jig, also called "jigging," can be done in freshwater or saltwater at any depth. Jigs come in many sizes and shapes. They are made of different materials in numerous colors. Jigs are designed to resemble bait fish, and they are one of

How to Fill a Shark Steamer

Steam cleaning, an economical and environmentally safe option for cleaning your home, eliminates the need for expensive cleaners and harsh, toxic chemicals. Developed by Euro-Pro Operating, the Shark Steamer is a portable cleaning device that provides a deep-down clean while sanitizing a wide array

All About Spearfishing

Use the Proper Gear One of the joys of spearfishing is the freedom to experience the ocean environment without being encumbered by loads of gear. Having said that, the demands of the sport make proper ...

How to Seal a Transom Mount on a Fishfinder

Fishfinders are electronic devices that use echolocation, which is a form of sonar, to locate fish and underwater obstacles like logs. Fishfinders typically only have several components -- a monitor screen, power and transducer cables and the mounting bracket that the monitor fits into. The monitor

Saltwater Fishing in California

California ranks in the top five U.S. seafood-producing states. California's 1,200-mile coastline offers commercial and sport saltwater fishing opportunities that include deep sea fishing and fishing from shorelines, shallow waters and docks. The industry provides jobs, tourism revenue and a nutriti

How to Cure Nightcrawlers

Nightcrawlers are used by anglers to attract and catch a variety of game fish. From blue gill and trout to bass, nightcrawlers are a go-to bait for many fishermen. Cures are used by some anglers to infuse baits and lures with scents such as salt, anise and garlic. Although nightcrawlers cannot be cu

How to Make a Carolina Rig

A carolina rig is a versatile and productive technique use by many bass anglers. Pro's and amateurs use the carolina rig as a search bait. The carolina rig gives you a good feel for what is on the bottom. Many different types of soft plastic baits can be used on the carolina rig.

How to Make a Replica of a Tepee

A Tepee (tipi) was traditionally used as a home by the Indians of the Plains. It was made out of tanned buffalo hide and lodge poles put together in a conical shape. Since Plains Indians survived by hunting migratory buffalo, which they used for food, shelter, clothing and all basic necessities, a t

Types of Bait Worms

A type of bait worm.worm image by Ksenija Djurica from Fotolia.comWhen it comes to fishing, you can use several things for bait. The choice is often dependent on the season and the type of fish you want to catch. Bait worms are a popular fishing medium. Many fishing supply stores...

Determine Your Fate: Go On An Alaskan Salmon Fishing Trip

The reasons for trying to escape the tedious world of your everyday life contain the usual stories of boredom, stress, social pressures, and the thirst for a getaway. When people think about vacation, it usually ...

How to Get Tackle Ready for Spring Bass Fishing

Spring is the time of year when we shake off the last holds of winter and look toward the warm months of summer with anticipation. It is also the time of year when some really great bass fishing takes place. Bass become more active as they prepare to spawn and develop voracious appetites. Before you

Toad & Frog Classification

Toads and frogs are among the most diverse animals on earth. Over 4,000 species of these amphibians have been indexed on six of seven continents. Icy Antarctica is the only place too harsh for these adaptable creatures.

How to Make a Fishing Pole Storage Rack

A fishing pole storage rack keeps your rods neatly organized. More important, it keeps them from being damaged. You can make a rod rack with minimal investments of cost and time. A floor-based design won't damage fishing line eyes like some wall-mounted designs that hang the rods by the eyes.

Hunting Clubs Near Dale County, Alabama

There are several hunting clubs close to Dale County, in southeastern Alabama. The popularity of hunting clubs in Alabama grows each year, according to an article published by the Alabama Cooperative Extension System: "Hunting clubs offer their members several advantages not available to...

How to Care for the Maori Materials in Your Archives

The Maori people are the original people of the island of New Zealand. The people are believed to have originated in either South America or China and traveled the Pacific by canoe. Cultural artifacts from the Maori include stone adze, bone carvings, masks, woven baskets and rugs. But Maori material

Bike Tours in Washington State

On the Roadwoman on a bicycle image by Wimbledon from Fotolia.comWashington state offers some of the West Coast's most diverse scenery, and seeing it on bicycle adds a different perspective. Join an adventure tour of the state's volcanoes, islands or coast. Expand your cycling adventures...

How to Use Mono Line for Backing on a Fly Reel

Backing line on a fly reel serves two purposes. It increases the diameter of the spool, so it takes fewer rotations of the reel to draw in the fly line, and it provides extra length for when a fish takes out lots of line. While modern braided lines are thinner than an equal weight monofi

Ideas to Improve Ocean Fisheries

Commercial fishermen often use huge nets to drag up fish out of ocean net image by FotoWorx from Fotolia.comAn ocean fishery is a specified area in the ocean where commercial fishermen catch fish, but it can also refer to an area where people breed and raise fish. The...