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One Easy Way to Make Money You May Have Never Even Thought Of

Have you ever looked at some guy in a shiny new Porsche next to you at the lights and wondered, how the hec did that fellow buy a $200,000 dollar vehicle. Working in a day job yourself at $15 dollars an hour, you think to yourself after tax, it would take me 30 years to save that much. You may even

Looking ahead to Q2, 2012

Each month UAP will bring you the news you need to see to keep up to date with the global economy. Whether its equities, funds, bonds or currencies that you follow, we'll cover the most ...

Buy Gold and silver at affordable prices in Pune

In India gold is considered to be one of the most precious gifts or the ornament which has its own different value in the lives of the people, gold is very much expensive and costly, ...

No One Told My Son He Couldn't

My son Federico is 10 months old and I spend my Saturday playing with him all day. One thing that amazes me about him is that he doesn't know yet he can't do anything yet.

The Huge Opportunity for Property Investors in Australia

The Huge Opportunity for property investorsSimply put, there has never been a better time to be a property investor in this country. When you have potentially between 14 million and 28 million new migrants coming ...

Finally, The Whole Secret To Making Serious Money Is Revealed

Making money - enough to make you rich - is a journey that not many people are equipped to make. You need to know your destination (how much do you need and when?), you need to have a financial 'map' and 'compass', and you need the 'rules of the road', that is the rules

Happiness - Choose it and You Will Be Soon Making Money Quick

I like to think anytime I've doubled something, I've doubled happiness or success. When I doubled the number of kids I had, I doubled my happiness. When I doubled my self-confidence, I doubled my success. When I doubled my staff, I doubled my money.

What Is Gold?

Gold is a naturally occurring, pure element and is one of the heaviest natural metals. It has an atomic number of 79 and is chemically inert. In other words, it doesn’t react with other chemicals. This means that it is permanent and will stay exactly the way it is.

5 Tips to Manage Your Money Better

There is always an imminent reason not to invest in the stock and bond markets; everyone has one. Rates are too low; rates are too high; Israel may bomb Iran; another terrorist attack may occur; my portfolio has gone down over the last 10 years.

Penny Stocks Can Be Profitable In 2010

Have you been a stock market trader browsing for the best penny stocks to buy? There are a number of beneficial resources to help you in simply finding the best penny stocks to buy at any moment. Due

The Best Work At Home Internet Businesses Revealed!

The other day I was chatting with the owner of a small local video shop. His story was one I hear all the time. His business hours were typically either nine or eleven hours a day plus time spent on ordering, restocking, planning and so on. Even without travel to and from work, he was working at lea

Healthy to Wealthy

The most obvious reason to stay healthy is: if you're too sick to work, you can't make money. Money invested wisely eventually leads to wealth. Investing in your health is pretty smart.

Are You Waiting For Permission To Be Rich?

Whatever may be said in praise of poverty, the fact remains that it is not possible to live a really complete or successful life unless one is rich.Thus begins the 1910 classic by Wallace D. Wattles called The Science of Getting Rich.

Wealth - Is it Out of Reach in Today's World?

I believe wealth still can be obtained in any market. We all know that education can play a big role in our success. Another way to achieve success is by surrounding yourselfwith successful people.

Financial Literacy 101

Financial literacy is paramount. Managing your money and being debt free will secure your financial future and provide you with security and freedom.

How to Wreck-Proof Your Wealth Plan - Part 2

Creating wealth is as dangerous as stalking a wild animal: if we do not understand everything possible about money and treat it with respect and manage it with great skill it will destroy us as quickly as any beast of prey. Life is as much about hunting today as it was in the past when men were the