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How to Mount a Twin Cam on an Evo Hard Tail

Before you mount a Twin Cam engine on an Evoluation (Evo) hard tail, you must take into consideration the two types of Twin Cam engines. The Twin Cam 88B is balanced, and although it is theoretically possible to modify an Evo frame to accommodate a Twin Cam 88B, it is probably not worth the trouble.

How to Back Up Your Boat Trailer

Rookie boaters may be in for a frustrating time as they find themselves driving up and down a boat ramp several times just to launch their boat. To eliminate that frustration it is important to spend the time to learn how to correctly and safely back up your boat trailer. If you back up too quickly,

How to Paint Plastic Car Lights

Repainting plastic body parts on automobiles can be challenging or easy depending on your experience painting automobiles. Painting the plastic areas of the automobile's body is not much different from painting the metal areas. What makes painting plastic slightly different than metal is that plasti

How to Wire Taillights in a Toyota

Tail lights warn vehicles behind you of your actions on the wheel and are very important for safe driving. Wiring a tail light in a Toyota vehicle is usually not necessary because it uses a wiring harness that connects the wires together. In rare occasions the wiring harness can become damaged and n

How to Install a Dakota Fuel Pump on a Dodge

The fuel pump regulates the amount of fuel that makes it to your Dodge Dakota engine. When the fuel pump starts to fail, it will send too little fuel to the engine, causing it to stall. This problem could leave you stranded, so it is important that you change the fuel pump at the first sign of any t

Stainless Steel Dual Exhaust Tips

Replace your exhaust tips with dual stainless steel tips.double exhaust pipe image by green308 from Fotolia.comA muffler is an important component of a vehicle's exhaust system. This component is underneath the vehicle, toward the back. The muffler softens the sound and reduces fuel...

How to Fix an Exhaust Leak in a Ford F150

The exhaust system on your Ford F150 consists of the exhaust manifold, exhaust pipe, catalytic converter, muffler and tail pipe. With the exception of the tailpipe, all of these components are sealed together with gaskets. A leak in any of the gaskets will allow exhaust gases to escape from the syst

How to Change the Clutch on a 2005 Yamaha R6

Racing and high-performance street riding can take a serious toll on your 2005 Yamaha R6's clutch. While the majority of the wear sustained by your clutch occurs during take-offs from a standstill, aggressive gear shifts can affect the clutch's performance by generating excessive heat and friction.

Troubleshooting a 1974 Volkswagen

Founded in 1937, the German automaker Volkswagen is the third largest automobile manufacturer in the world. Volkswagen has produced a number of models -- such as the Beetle, Scirocco, Golf and Passat. While each car has its own troubleshooting requirements, all of them share some similarities. The f

How to Replace Saturn Brake Pads

Due to the cost of having a car serviced at a garage, many people choose to perform regular vehicle maintenance at their own home. Replacing your own Saturn brake pads can save you a lot of money, and the pads, as well as the necessary tools, can be found at most auto parts retailers. Saturn brake p

How to Prime a Deisel Engine

Fuel flows through diesel engines because liquid naturally goes from high pressure areas to low pressure areas. When air exists in a fuel system, the fuel cannot flow because the air acts as a stopper by changing the pressure within the system. When the fuel system runs out of fuel or air gets into

How to Adjust the Spax

Suspension systems serve as an integral component of any automobile, but not all suspension systems are adjustable. The Spax PSX line of dampeners are fully adjustable, so that the car owner can customize the level of shock absorption on their vehicles. Whether you desire a rough or soft ride, the S