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Alzheimer's-The President's Disease

When Alzheimer's Disease is mentioned many people think of President Ronald Regan who struggled with the illness privately during the last years of his life. Alzheimer's is thought of as an "old people's disease" but it can strike people of all ages. Early-onset Alzheimer&ap

Lose Weight and Keep it Off Permanently - Part 1

If you're like most people who want to lose weight and keep it off for good you need to change your approach to the whole process of losing weight. Many people fall for the ridiculous claims that are so prevalent in our society regarding quick weight loss secrets. These secrets aren't real

Rest In Changing Effort

Are we workaholics because we love our work or the change that it brings? Are we able to keep our personal, family and career issues in perspective as well as the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of life?What about our financial life?

The Top 10 Causes Of Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is something that many of us have either had or will be exposed to at some point in our lives. It can be an extremely severe illness but one that is usually avoidable. This article discusses the ten top causes of food contamination in kitchens and gives some pointers about how to mini

Object Lesson - Spiritually Measuring Up

It's back to school time. Time to get all your school supplies and meet new friends. These games all have a ruler as the central prop and serve as a discussion start for measuring up to God's standards. I remember the days of using a ruler to create a growth chart on the door frame. But ho

Rapid Growing Molds Set The Threat

See how mold can negatively effect our health if exposed to mold over a period of time.See how easy mold spreads and reproduces by creating mold spores.Learn which mold sprays can kill mold and keep it from returning.See how mold can grow to avoid having a mold outbreak at the home.

Lose Tummy Fat Quickly and Get a Flat Tummy

If you take 2 minutes of your time to read this article, then you will discover how to lose your tummy fat quickly and get a flat tummy. I don't want to know how difficulties you been having trying to lose tummy fat, because am about to show you some of the quickest ways to lose a stubborn bell

How Much Running to Do to Lose Weight?

Running is one of the most efficient ways to burn fat and calories. Lose weight by starting a regular treadmill or outdoor running routine. The average 125-pound woman burns more than 21 calories per mile running at a 12-minutes-per-mile pace. The faster the pace, the more calories you burn. Steady