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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude - Saying Thank You

A very important but often overlooked principle that you must incorporate into your practice of using the Law of Attraction, is having an attitude of gratitude. Don't discount the power of this action just because of its simple sounding rhyme. Having an attitude of gratitude will help you to do

Put your Talents to Work for you

For many different reasons people find themselves out of work, whether by layoff, termination or retirement. Looking for another job in a tight job market can be an exercise in futility and many times

Focus Keenly on the Desired Energy

You are powerful! Do you have any doubt on your ability to command things into happening? By working consciously with the Law of Attraction you can become an amazing manifestor of loving, happy and abundance filled life situations.

Strategies to Keep Your New Year's Resolution

A New Year resolution basically comes down to deciding to change something for the better. It is a commitment people make as the year is coming to an end, to usher in the New Year with renewed vigor. Keep all the old stuff with the previous year.

Get Ready For Course Corrections

Your success may not go exactly as you envision it. Many people know this to be true. Some become more successful because of it and others stay where they are. Let this article encourage you to begin. You'll see that it's OK to correct your course as you go.

Attitude Equals Altitude

Attitude equals altitude is a key topic for your success when you first start out. You need to check your attitude all the time in life, not just in business.

How Other People's Emotions Can Hurt You

This article explores the Empath, a person endowed with great sensitivity to emotional vibrations. The Empath must resort to blocking emotional virbrations in order to maintain his or her sanity. This often leaves the Empath looking detached and unemotional.

Bridal Make-up

A woman seldom looks or feels more beautiful than on the day she gets married. The dress, tiara, veil and other accessories all add to the look. Getting her make-up right finishes the whole look ...

What to Do for Panic Attacks

A PANIC ATTACK IS ONE of life's most uncomfortable experiences. Most of us just plain don't enjoy feeling shaky or dizzy, struggling to breathe, and being overwhelmed by fear and anxiety. If you suffer from ...

Knowledge - Its Importance

In order to empower people, they should be knowledgeable. We need to be informed about certain things around us and in us in order to be productive. Knowledge is so important that it cannot be over-emphasized because it is part-and-parcel of life.

Setting Sail On a Fresh Year Ahead

At the commencement of any new year we find ourselves suddenly back at the start of things, having not long finished things a few weeks previous. For what we gained in an end of year break we might have lost in the daunting reality that the grind not only continues, but the climb steepens. Not only