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The Causes of Bicycle Accidents

Bicycling has become extremely popular in the United States. Many cities across the country have responded to this upsurge by designing bike routes and specific bike lanes but bicycle accidents are still on the rise.This article discusses the reasons why.

Types of Memory Loss

The brain is a phenomenal component to human function and interaction. This massively powerful organ is vital to human thinking and movement and overall functioning. However, it is also an extremely sensitive organism, making it susceptible to injury. Because of this, traumatic head injuries can eas

Do You Have Anosmia?

The loss of the sense of smell is known as Anosmia. This condition can be temporary or may be permanent and is usually due to an injury to the head or brain, exposure to chemicals, or an illness. Anosmia has the potential to become fatal due to the fact that a person with the condition will not be a

6 Tips For Successful Accident Claims

Although tremendous strides have been made in making vehicles and workplaces safer, it is still possible to be involved in an mishap that creates a financial burden on the victim. Filing a claim for reimbursement following such an event can be difficult. There are some steps that should be followed

Aggressive Driving Statistics

Aggressive driving and road rage have grown over the years as a major problem on American roadways. As more traffic increases over the years around booming cities, many drivers do not appropriately handle themselves when ...

Personal Injury Law

Personal injury is a legal term for an injury which results from negligent act or deliberate acts of some individual or authority. A person can become victim of personal injury due to auto accidents, accidents at work, tripping accidents, assault claims, accidents in the home, defective product acci