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How to Bathe a Teacup Yorkshire Puppy

A teacup Yorkshire Terrier puppy is, as the name indicates, very small. Due to your teacup Yorkie's stature, you must take great care in bathing and grooming your puppy. Yorkies should be groomed on a regular schedule due to their fast-growing coat. And an activity that absolutely requires 100% part

Taking Care of Dog Health Concerns Naturally Without Side Effects

Any pet owner is well aware of all the issues that having a companion can cause. One of the most common problems is the regular worry over dog health concerns. After all, when you have a pet, the responsibility for its wellbeing also rests on you. A much loved companion is another member of your fam

What Kinds of Human Foods Can I Feed My Dog?

As most dog owners know, man's best friend will eat pretty much anything, for better or worse. While sticking to dog food is a surefire bet, some owners just can't resist a begging pup. In moderation, some human food is actually healthy for dogs. Know what you're getting into before you start feedin

How to Get Tangles Out of Dog Hair

If you own a long-haired dog, you likely know that you should groom your dog to maintain its tangle free coat. Unfortunately, your dog's hair may become matted or tangled, leaving you with the task of correcting the problem. When you attempt to untangle your dog's hair, it may become uncomfortable.

Human Dog Affinity: Dogs Read Humans Like A Book

Risking the anger of cat lovers, I daresay that there is no other animal that has been able to establish as close a relationship with human beings as dogs. The question that lingers in many minds is "having descended from wolves which are known for their ferocity" how a dog can be a man&ap

Outdoor Plants Harmful to Cats & Dogs

Thousands of common plants---both indoor and outdoor---can be harmful if ingested by cats or dogs. Some plants are less harmful than others, though it is wise to make sure a pet avoids contact with all potentially harmful plants.

How To Use A Dog Training Shock Collar

When it comes to dog training, shock collars can be an effective tool. However, they must be used properly and safely if you're going to train your dog with them. In this article, I will show you how to use shock collars to achieve this goal.

Labor Laws for Service Dogs

Service dogs are an invaluable resource to the elderly and those with disabilities.german shepherd seeing eye dog image by Stephen Orsillo from Fotolia.comThe Americans with Disabilities Act defines a service dog as "any guide dog, signal dog or other animal individually trained to...

Incontinece in Dogs

A young, healthy dog rarely suffers from incontinence unless it has a congenital abnormality. But as a dog ages, several conditions can cause the dog to suffer from the inability to retain its urine. The dog may dribble or leak urine while resting, sleeping or even during its waking hours. Incontine

Dog Training 101 - Easy Steps to Train Your Beloved Puppy!

It does not matter that what is the age of your dog when you are going to teach him dog training 101. No doubt, a well mannered dog is a good source of entertainment for the whole family because it can play with you, eat with you and sleep with you without creating any trouble.

Do Dogs See in Black and White?

Many people wonder if dogs see in black and white. This is a very common question, and the answer might surprise you. It is common to want to humanize pets, so we hope that they see and feel the same things we do, but this is rarely the case.

Westminster Kennel Club

The Westminster Kennel Club is the most popular dog show in the world.Many interesting facts surround its origins and it is synonymous with purebred dogs- just say the name Westminster, and people will know what you are talking about.

Cool Ideas for Cheap Halloween Dog Costume

Halloween is one of the most awaited traditions by many, even for dog owners, since this is the time when they can dress up their dogs with really cute and flashy Halloween dog costume. How about you? Do you also have a dog that you just can't live without? Read more about cool ideas for cheap

Using Dog Waste Bags to Stay Healthy

Many dog owners have no idea of how dangerous their lovely pets can be. They walk their dogs out, bathe them and take good care of them but they have no idea the danger that comes from their pets waste. Dog waste is very dangerous and it should always be avoided.

Dog Dandruff Treatments

While basic grooming is the main key to cleanliness, sometimes it is not enough: especially for dogs. Like humans, dogs can get suffer in the hygiene department even with the best grooming policies. Dog dandruff is an annoyance some pet owners cannot seem to dismiss, no matter how extensive or expen