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Visiting Trinidad and Tobago - Making the Most of It

Trinidad is a wonderful location in South America that has become quite popular due to its amazing beauty and culture. The main attractions of this place are its beautiful beaches and vivid aquamarine makes it a perfect vacation destination. You can be sure of the fact that visiting Trinidad & Tobag

Hush Bar, Melbourne, Australia - Review

Melbourne's Hush Bar, located just two escalators rides up from the pick 'n' mix candy store in Melbourne Central shopping centre, provides a touch of class in an otherwise not so classy atmosphere. Red carpets and chandelier lighting sell 'celebrity' while regular appearanc

Know Wildlife in India From Close Quarters

India in itself is an opportunity. The unparalleled wildlife diversity complemented by equally diverse flora and fauna establishes India as the mystic of the natural world. As a matter of fact, India has been one of the most popular destinations among nature aficionados and wildlife tourists. In ord

Falmouth, Cornwall - A Treasure Trove for Visitors

The town of Falmouth in Cornwall is, in a sense, descended from Pendennis Castle, built in the 16th century when King Henry VIII decided to utilize the area's immense maritime resources. Built across the Fal River from St. Mawes Castle, Henry used them both in his intensive defense plans agains

Marvelous Mansfield

Today, Great Falls natives can thank FDR's Works Progress Administration, or WPA, for their beautiful Great Falls Civic Center. Like many other buildings and infrastructure throughout the country, these majestic undertakings of the 1930s have shaped our country. Not only did the WPA provide a s

Making Yourself Understood in Thailand

Thailand is an easy country for travelers to visit. Most Thai people who work in the tourist industry can speak reasonable English. For more of a cultural experience and to talk to people outside of the tourist areas it may help to learn a little of the language.

Heritage Tour around Agra

History has always fascinated me and for the love for monuments it brought me to Agra, once the capital city of the Great Mughal rulers, who have left the mark in the form of art ...

Hawaiian Island Hopping Trips

According to 2007 statistics, more than 7. 6 million people visit Hawaii every year and almost a third spend time on more than one of its six major islands: Kauai, Hawaii (the Big Island), Oahu, Maui, Lanai and Molokai. There is a good reason for this as each island has its own personality and all m

Great Travel Destinations For Your Next Holiday

There are so many beautiful places in this world that it's difficult to decide where to go. Each country and each piece of land has its own beauty and culture. Read further about some great travel destinations that should be visited at least once in a lifetime.

Christmas Markets in Keele

Christmas markets are street markets, which originated in Europe during the late middle ages. They mark the beginning of Christmas season festivities. Today, they are a global phenomenon and offer traditional Christmas season foods, handicrafts and ornaments, holiday gifts and a spectacular festive